Read an excerpt: Across the Wide River
Read an excerpt: Light Across the River
Across the Wide River: The red brick home of Rev. John Rankin was a beacon--the first stop on the Underground Railroad in the North. Across the Wide River tells the true story of the sacrifices one family made to help runaway slaves.
ISBN: 978-0-8254-3576-8
The Light Across the River
In this powerful sequel to Across the Wide River, the Rankin home is still a beacon of freedom on the Underground Railroad. In 1837, Johnny, the seventh of thirteen children in the Rankin family, is eager to take on the same responsibilities as the rest of his family. But Johnny's father and his brother Lowry think Johnny is too young and too hotheaded to help with something as important and secretive as the Underground Railroad. Johnny understands the need for secrecy, but sometimes the secret is just too good to keep to himself! This engaging novel for young adults offers a further glimpse into a dark period of America's past, and profiles the courageous and godly people who helped bring about its end.

ISBN:  978-0-8254-3574-4